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Welcome to Not To Savvy Digital Solutions, your go-to partner for digital marketing solutions specially tailored for small businesses.

Our goal is to be the tech-savvy partner for businesses that don't have an IT or marketing department. We're here to bring small businesses into the 21st century with our comprehensive digital marketing and lead management services.

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Technology simplified for all

Automation Consultation

Our Automation Consultation identifies opportunities for efficiency in your business. We analyze processes, recommend tech solutions from our platform, and aim to save time, reduce costs, and improve performance through automation.

Lead Management

Our Lead Management service transforms potential customers into loyal clients. We effectively track, manage, and engage leads, guiding them through your sales funnel with strategic communication and personalized attention.

Social Media Management

Our platform empowers you with tools for effective Social Media Management. It assists in content creation, scheduling, analysis, and engagement on social media platforms, fostering stronger customer relationships and increased brand visibility.


Our platform's Analytics service provides valuable insights into campaign performance and customer behavior, enabling data-driven decisions and strategy optimization.

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Insights Dashboard

Book a demo with Not Too Savvy Digital Marketing and uncover the potential of your small business through technology. Experience how our platform can make even the 'not so savvy' businesses tech-savvy, streamlining operations, enhancing customer engagement, and driving growth. Let's turn your small business into a powerhouse of digital proficiency together.

Automate & Integrate Your Business With

Solutions Simplified For All




  • 2 Way Text & Email Conversation: Engage your customers in real-time.

  • GMB Messaging: Connect with your customers through Google My Business.

  • Web Chat: Provide instant support and responses to customer queries.

  • Reputation Management: We'll help you manage your online reputation to ensure your business always looks its best.

  • Facebook Messenger: Use the power of social media to connect with your customers.

  • GMB Call Tracking: Keep track of calls from your Google My Business listing for better analysis and follow-ups.

  • Missed Call Text Back: Never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential customer.

  • Text To Pay: Enable easy and quick payments through text.




  • Everything in Standard +

  • Calendar: Organize your schedules and appointments seamlessly.

  • CRM: Manage your customer relationships more effectively.

  • Opportunities: Identify and track potential business opportunities.

  • Email Marketing: Reach out to your customers with effective email marketing strategies.




  • Everything in Professional +

  • Funnels: Optimize your sales process with effective sales funnels.

  • Memberships: Manage your members efficiently.

  • Websites: Create an impactful online presence with our website building capabilities.

  • Workflows: Streamline your processes with customizable workflows.

  • Forms and Surveys: Get valuable feedback and information from your customers.

  • Trigger Links, SMS & Email Templates, All Reporting, Triggers, Campaigns, Social Planner, Invoice, Blogs, Affiliate Manager: A comprehensive suite of tools to manage and grow your business.

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Why Decide to work with us?

Full-Service Digital Solution: With our services, you get more than just a marketing company. We offer a comprehensive digital platform that includes everything from lead capture and customer relationship management to website design and multi-channel communication.

Specialized in Small Businesses: We understand the unique challenges and needs of small businesses, and we're committed to helping you grow. We're not interested in big corporations - we're here to support the little guy.

Personalized Support: We're with you every step of the way, offering onboarding calls, quarterly check-ins, and responsive support via calls and emails. Plus, we provide informative newsletters to keep you updated on relevant trends and tips.

Try It Today

Try it for yourself and witness the transformation! Not Too Savvy Digital Marketing invites you to dive in and experience our platform firsthand. With a straightforward interface and a wealth of resources, it's never been easier to propel your small business into the digital age. What do you have to lose? Start the journey toward becoming tech-savvy today and see your business soar.

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